ESTHER LOVES BIRDS // Falke Partner Store

In September 2013 the Esther Perbandt store was extended by the former atelier in the back. Since then the designer is presenting the premium men’s collection of the renowned German family business FALKE there.
Already one year ago Esther Perbandt discovered the FALKE collection as a product that complements her own style.
For many months she worked with the company’s sales manager on the realization of the FALKE partner store concept.
Customers are now classily led over to the Esther Perbandt styles through the classic orientation of the FALKE collection. At the same time the FALKE collection wins through the combination with the avant garde style of the Esther Perbandt brand and opens up to a more individual clientele. The designer shows how well both brands actually work out together with the two male and female mannequins, on which both brands are combined in a very natural way.
The partner store is conceptualized for one year for now. Beyond that, both companies are looking forward to new exciting joint projects.

Pictures by Oliver Rath